I Could Not Care Less

available: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-could-not-care-less-single/id505444412

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apple rabbits: our London Calling act in the BBC Introducing hotseat

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Sing To Me

Video for the Single, Sing To Me. Available on gogoyoko (plug)Recorded in the live room at Infernal Machine studio, Wiltshire. Ronny and jay. Filmed and Edited by jay.

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The Trigger Effect

I’ll explain:

Kilburn State Records is a D.I.Y label run from a bed sit in Kilburn from two laptops, and was set up to release my own music. So far, so good. The two laptops belong to me (jay Fisher) and Charlie. I use the one that works to write the music, make videos, design the covers and build the website, and Charlie uses the other one which she keeps from conking out by some kind of magic and shouting. Charlie’s got very good at fixing computers, and negotiating the internet without being consumed with rage – she appears to enjoy it until her computer does something weird and she has to wiggle the leads and press down on the hard drive to make the thing go again.

To give you an idea of the fragility of this situation we can use what James Burke called The trigger effect: If my laptop dies, then so does Kilburn State Records. The whole structure relies on this box for its existence. Sure I could still write songs, but who would hear them? The computer and the internet means that anyone anywhere in the world can listen to, buy, or steal, my music online; and without that Kilburn State Records doesn’t exist, as there are no hard copies available – yet.

Charlie’s computer isn’t good enough to produce an album on, but having said this I’m sure at a push we could come up with something, and the limitations of the tools would force me to find new ways of making music; but to be honest I’m not in the mood right now. This should give you some idea of what Kilburn State Records is. It’s a D.I.Y label, one of those D.I.Y labels that is a literal version of the acronym D.I.Y. It’s not a well-funded offshoot of a bigger record label, or a well-funded anything, it’s not under funded, or funded – if you know what I mean. It’s just us two in our bed sit with the cat, coffee, fags and gin and tonic, seeing what we can find – and that’s mostly it.

Mostly. If it wasn’t for Dug Wolfsohn we wouldn’t be in this at all, he gave us the idea, as it was him who started all of this off in 2007 when he formed I.M.R to release music produced in his studio; and my project, apple rabbits, was one of these. As the music was ‘released’ in the download format I.M.R could circumnavigate paying MCPS and PRS – because they don’t recognise a download through iTunes & nbsp;etc to be an officially released recording. This is great for us,but wouldn’t be a problem anyway as we are releasing our own stuff and you don’t have to fork out the money for MCPS unless you are releasing someone else’s work on hard copy (CD, LP). So technically we’re not a record company; as according to the British Music Industry we’re not officially releasing albums at all.

Don’t get me wrong we could do with distribution and promotion, and the money from publishing, if only to get another computer that works without having to shout at it, and that has the facility to type the letter G.

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Hello world!

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